About Us

A Brief Introduction of Iran Renewable Energy Association

Iran Renewable Energy Association is an independent nongovernmental organization and its principle audience is the public. The main activities of this association are promoting, increasing awareness, developing culture and institutionalizing the implementation of clean energy, including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen energies.

Our Aims & Objectives

Coordination, infrastructure improvement and development Assistance of renewable energies to generate electricity, heat and fuels in order to conserve fossil resources.

Our Mission
  • Promoting generation of electricity, heating and fuels from Renewable Energies in order to conserve fossil resources and to use cleaer energy by:
    • Creating a network database of renewable energy experts
    • Interaction with all the companies, institutions, experts and effective actors in renewable energies promotion
    • Holding, assisting or undertaking international or domestic exhibitions and conferences on renewable energies
    • Promotional activities in the field of renewable energy utilization
    • Promoting University and research centers-Industry Collaboration and making their partnerships work
    • Identification the artisans problems in renewable energy field and referring them to government agencies
    • Handling the main challenges of renewable energy actors
    • Facilitating the Licensing processes for renewable energy projects and power plants (Earth, network connectivity, etc.)
    • feed-in tariff related issues (FIT)
    • Facilitating renewable energy projects and power plants financing
    • Facilitating loans and necessary guarantees Obtaining
    • Determining the share of renewable energies in Iran’s energy mix
    • Enhancing the role of renewable energy in the country’s major decision making
Founding board
Mahmoud Yaghoubi
دکتر محمود یعقوبی
Amir Maghsoudi pour
مقصودی پور، امیر
Shahrokh Farhangi
شاهرخ فرهنگی
Nasser Bagheri Moghaddam
دکتر باقری مقدم
Mohammad Eftekhari Yazdi
دكتر محمد افتخاري يزدي
Ibrahim Asl-e Soleimani
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