Invited Speakers

Hamid Chitchian
Minister of Energy
Dr. Sorena Sattari
Vice-President for science and technology
Dr. Amiri Khamkani
Vice Chairman of Energy Commission Iranian Islamic Parliament
Dr. Naser Baqeri Moqadam
Secretary of Energy Commission of the Supreme Council of the Science, Research and Technology
Dr. Sirous Vatankhah
Vice-presidency for science and technology
Renewable Energy Technology Council
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SUNA’s director

Dr. Soleymani Asl
Board of directors of IrREA
Dr. Akbar Adibfar

Managing Director and Member of Board
MAPNA Renewable Energies Co

Mr. Mohammadtaghi Zafaranchizadeh
Nongovernmental Partnerships office manager of SUNA
Dr. Soheil Porkhial
Geothermal office manager of SUNA
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Dr. Ahmad Jamali
The General Director for Foreign Investments of Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran
Dr. Mohammad Satkin

Manager of wind & wave energy department of SUNA  and Chairman of Iran Energy Association

Mr. Hamid Reza Bahmanabadi
Chief of strategic & economic study Group of SUNA
Dr Mehrdad Davarifar

Supreme Advisor of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA)

Younes Noorollahi

University of Tehran
Head of Dep of Renewable Energies and Environmental Eng.

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Hossein Yarmohammadi

Managing Director
Pars Eltek Energy
Ahmad Firuzi

Renewable Energy Technology Council